Mikael at Megan, natuloy na ang bakasyon sa Iceland na isa sa bucket list nila

NI:  Ruel Mendoza

NATULOY na rin ang bakasyon ng Kapuso sweethearts na sina Mikael Daez at Megan Young sa bansang Iceland.

Kasama nga ang Iceland sa bucket list nila Mikael at Megan ng mga bansang gusto nilang pagbakasyunan.

Hindi raw in-expect ng dalawa ang sobrang lamig sa Iceland kaya bumili pa sila ng extra layer of clothes para makaramdam sila ng init.

“I’m a gangstah. She’s dating me. But we are VERY cold in this land of ice :) We’ve been here for 36 hours already and we’ve had to purchase so many extra layers because we underestimated the cold. The craziest thing is, one of the locals said that today is a “happily warm” day! *insert Boban Marjanovic face palm here*” caption ni Mikael sa Instagram post niya.

Pero kahit na sobrang lamig sa Iceland, masaya silang dalawa na nakarating na rin sila Iceland para mag-explore at uminom ng sikat nilang coffee doon.

“Regardless, we’re having fun layering up in this weather and it’s going to get more intense as we hike for hours, camp during rainy nights and struggle to brew good coffee in the midst of crazy winds. It’s gonna be fun 😀 Shout out to @thenorthfaceph for the Tri-Climate jacket that is seriously saving our lives. :) #BraveSiBonezSaIceland #LiterallyFeelsLikeImInAFreezer.”

Nagtampisaw din sina Mikael at Megan sa popular na hot spring sa Iceland. Wala ngang takot na tumalon ang dalawa na walang mga suot.

“It’s 7 am, the wind is blowing like crazy and the temperature is around 3 degrees celsius. The first thing we decide to do is strip down and jump into a super cute mini hot spring!! 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 It feels like you’re going to freeze at first but after a few minutes, it’s the best feeling in the world. Currently having a blast in Iceland. More photos coming soon 🤙🏽😍👾 Kaya niyo rin ba gawin toh?! #HindiNatakotSiBonez #YayForMe” caption ni Mikael.

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