Solenn, inamin na nakalimutan ang wedding anniversary nila ni Nico dahil sobrang busy

NI:  Ruel Mendoza

INAMIN ni Solenn Heussaff na nakalimutan niya ang wedding anniversary nila ni Nico Bolzico dahil sa sobrang busy niya.

Three years na ngang kasal sina Solenn at Nico noong nakaraang May 21.

Bumawi si Solenn sa kanyang mister sa pag-post ng isang message sa Instagram:  “So I totally forgot till someone said “happy anniv” to me. Almost 9 years together and 3 years since this special day happened. 3 years of laughter, stress, small arguments, being lost at times, but three years of BEING. Will work on things i need to work on, and will do better where i can. I wouldnt be fun if i were perfect anyway. Cheers to more years of us forgetting our anniversary and being unsure of whats to come ( like this photo haha). Te amo @nicobolzico”

Pinost naman ni Nico ang video ng kanyang pag-propose kay Soleen sa kanyang IG account. Sinamahan pa niya ito ng isang lengthy caption kunsaan kinuwento niya ang mga naganap sa kanyang proposal at kung gaano niya kamahal si Solenn kahit na binu-bully siya nito.

“Yesterday was our 3 years wedding anniversary (Sweet Mode On), and only 2 words come to my head: “Thank you” (also “I love you” and many others, but for the sake of the post lets stick to thank you). There are many things I would like to thank you for bebu, but the simple ones are the ones that make our relationship very special! Thank you for the non-negotiable goodnight kiss, thank you for the morning hug; thank you for allowing #Pochola to sleep in the room; thank you for our random dates; thank you for your texts asking me how my day is going; thank you for the many surprise breakfasts; thank you for our conversations; thank you for being you and choosing me! I cant wait to see what is coming and I can not picture my future without you “bullying” me!

“The video above is the only video we have from the proposing night! It was taken by superstar Mother-In-Law, @cynthiaheussaff, (please dont miss her comments). The crazy, not suitable for the moment, French song in the background was brought to us by Father-In-Law @louispaulheussaff and the tears of happiness by your one and only #Wifezilla @solenn (she never actually said “YES”). The video is a true reflection of our relationship: messy and all over the place, but always fun and full of love! I still remember every minute of that day, preparing the surprise, I was soooo nervous!

“Lastly, we have prepared a flash mob for you with some of #bulliedhusbandsclub’s members, but most of them were not allowed by their wives to come, so we had to cancel it.

“Love you so much bebu and cant wait to see what is next! #ForeverMakesSense #SosBolz”

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