Mariah Carey, sinampahan ng countersuit ng dating manager at sinasangkot sa sexual assault issues

NI: Ruel Mendoza

MAY threat sa diva singer na si Mariah Carey ang dating manager nito na si Stella Bulochnikov.

Tsinugi ni Mariah ang kanyang manager of three years dahil sa sinampang sexual assault case ng dating assistant niyang si Lianna Shakhnazaryan.

Ayon sa report ng Page Six, nag-file ng countersuit si Stella at sinasangkot niya si Mariah sa sexual assault issues with Lianna. Pinapalabas ni Stella na may kinalaman si Mariah sa nangyaring hindi maganda between Stella and Lianna.

Taong 2017 noong magkaroon ng hindi magandang hidwaan sina Mariah at Stella. Nag-file pa si Stella ng sexual harassment lawsuit kay Mariah na na-settle nila out of court.

2019 Billboard Music Awards - Show

Sa sinampang countersuit ni Stella laban sa former assistant ni Mariah na si Lianna, nakalagay na, “Lianna was a nightmare to work with. She and Mariah would often engage in “horseplay” while on tour but Lianna’s actions were far more aggressive and inappropriate compared to Stella’s benign conduct.”

May mga issues din si Mariah sa kanyang assistant tulad na lang ng pagsubok nitong i-blackmail siya with secretly-recorded videos tulad ng pag-expose ng singer ng kanyang breasts to multiple people, including one or more minors, inviting others to throw objects into her bra and provocatively dancing in a highly sexualized manner.

Diin pa ni Stella: “Carey is not without blame. To the contrary, Carey’s failure to supervise and rein in her employee allowed and facilitated Shakhnazaryan’s wrongdoing. Should this matter proceed to trial, the full extent of Carey’s role and responsibility — including the troubling reason why she failed to control her employee — will be laid bare.”

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