Jane Oineza and RK Bagatsing asked about regrets in their past relationships

BY:  Rohn Romulo

JANE Oineza and RK Bagatsing open out their experiences in their past relationships.

Do they have any regret and did they learn lessons from their failed previous relationships?

      “Wala po akong pinagsisisihan kasi lahat ng iyon ay reason kung sino at ano ako ngayon,” answers Jane.

The Kapamilya actress believes that even if a relationship did not work out, the lessons are invaluable to help her become a better version of herself.

She also believes that one should not have any regret if a relationship fails.

Meanwhile, RK has learned the importance of communication in a relationship, especially when a misunderstanding arises.

      “Regardless gaano kahirap yung sitwasyon, it’s better to talk about it rather than go days without saying a word,” the actor explained.

Just like Jane, RK says there are lessons to be learned in failed relationships.

      “Continuously learning from past experiences para kapag nalagay ka sa parehong sitwasyon next time, you already have an idea how to better deal with it,” she explains.

Meanwhile, RK and Jane are teaming up for Us Again, Regal Entertainment, Inc.’s offering this love month.

In the movie, the two actors are required to do love scenes.


How did they prepare for these scenes?

      “Aside from brushing my teeth, we had an in-depth discussion with Direk Joy how the scene would go, where the characters came from, and saan pupunta yung kwento after,” answers RK.

      “Wala naman pong preparation. Hahaha. It’s part of our job as actors,” Jane responds.

Did they get affected by their intimate scenes?

      “Hindi po. Comfortable naman po ako with RK,” Jane clarifies.

RK echoes his leading lady’s answer: “Hindi naman. At the end of the day, you have a job to do and a story to tell. It’s my responsibility to make my scene partner feel safe in every scene that we do.”

The movie Us Again tackles about savoring the moment, taking risks, giving oneself a second chance to be happy again.

This is the story of Mike (RK) a struggling artist, who meets Margie (Jane), an unfulfilled medical technician frustrated to become a doctor.

Five years ago, Mike and Margie met and had an affair, which they thought was true and perfect.

But not long after, they realized that it was a mistake and their romance did not last.

However, there were consequences from their affair.

Years pass by and Mike reconnects with Margie.

But isn’t it too late to start over again? Did Margie relied too much on Mike and neglect the most important relationship in her life: with herself?

Have they learned from the mistakes of their past and will these lessons help them to make better choices and decisions? Who will ask, “Can it still be, us again?”.

The film will make us reflect: people come and go, but that won’t matter if we’ve learnt to love your own self in their absence.

Us Again also stars Eda Nolan, Miko Gallardo, Clara Del Rosario, Minnie Nato, Veronica Reyes, Phiona Raymundo, introducing Jin Macapagal and Sarah Edwards.

Directed by Joy Aquino, the film opens on cinemas on February 26, 2020.

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