SHARON, ibinahagi ang kakaibang saya sa sobrang ka-sweet-an ni MIGUEL

BY: Rohn Romulo

SA kabila ng pinagdadaanan ngayon ni Megastar Sharon Cuneta na kung saan patuloy siyang nakakatanggap nang pamba-bash mula sa netizens, may isang nagpagaan ng kanyang kalooban at agad na nagbigay ng kaligayahan.

Sa kanyang IG post, ibinahagi niya ang photo ng ginawa ng kanyang anak na si Miguel na pinuri ng netizens sa sobrang ka-sweet-an.

Ayon sa post ni Mega, “My sweet, sweet son, Miguel, saw this ad of Hyun Bin in a newspaper, slowly tore it out, cut the edges, and then proceeded to make a picture frame for it out of popsicle sticks which he painted in different colors! Just for Mama.

“Nowadays when he sees that I am sad, he comes into my room to give me anything to take my mind off present concerns. The other day it was a dark chocolate bar from his best friend Lochan’s family. Yesterday he was massaging my back and my head, reassuring me that “it’ll all be okay Mama.” Last night my heart skipped a beat when he said “No one does this to my Mama!”

“Which Kakie and Miel also said months ago when I was dealing with another problem. Today he came in with a big ball of clay and told me to “just squeeze it hard when you’re stressed, Mama.” Often he cuts a sprig of Rosemary from our potted plant in our balcony for me to smell (it helps to ease headaches and is relaxing).

“I am blessed with a little boy sent from above. And girls who are as sweet as they are fiery. And a husband who will always tell me when I am wrong and protect me and fight for me when I am right. Praise God for the most important people in my life.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏❤️.”

May mahaba namang comment si, “I ❤️ YOU & YOUR FAMILY! I was part of the many media crew who covered the baptism reception of Frankie, right at your huge backyard. I vividly remember the strings playing as you welcomed everyone so warmly. You gave us some fragrant organic soap as her keepsakes which I kept for so many years! You shared a delicious feast with us, even if you’re one of the Philippines iconic stars! I grew up singing your songs, and until now, I still tear up singing Pangarap Na Bituin! So inspiring! I LOVE YOU & YOUR FAMILY SO MUCH! Your children surely know how to elevate your state! They are countering everything with LOVE!!! I will pray for you po! I LOVE YOU, and even if I age, I promise I will still be a fan and a prayer warrior for you! ✝️🥰🙏 ❤️❤️❤️.”

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