Businesswoman-turned-film producer Romina Wilcox on her latest movie “Crazy in Love”

BY: Throy Catan

US-based Filipino author Romina Wilcox is a well-known novelist, and wrote suspense and romantic thrillers.

One of her works are Cold Eyes, The Calendar, The P.I.G. Mantras, Pinkslipped and Split Decision (with co-author Carole Cox).

Now, she enters a new territory: film producing.

She’s a movie producer of a romantic-comedy movie with a working title “Crazy in Love” together with her line producer and Killer Bride star Mike Lloren, and director EJ Salcedo

The movie was supposed to be part of Summer Metro Manila Film Festival 2020, but it didn’t happen because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite all these, the movie is currently in the works.

We had a long chat with Romina. She told us about her experience as a film producer and possibly her next project after Crazy in Love:

Tell us about yourself.

There’s so much to tell about me, but for the sake of this interview, I will tell you about what I think is of interest to you.  I have had a solid career working in a high-tech industry for more than 15 years.  Working (and living) in Silicon Valley provided me a very rich and solid experience and at the same time it enhanced me professionally and personally.  Recently, I left Silicon Valley and moved to Reno. I work here in a hospital setting working in Risk Department.  But in every opportunity, I continue to write.

Could you tell us more about your past projects?

I have written five books that are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Two of these are suspense thrillers (Cold Eyes and The Calendar). Split Decision is a romantic thriller which I co-wrote with a friend of mine, Carole Cox.  The other two are chicklits which premise are based on self-improvement.

While writing the story, have you already thought on who’s going to play the characters?

No.  My characters are a pigment of my imagination. With the exception of the current script I am writing and plan on shooting it abroad.  On this script, I know who the leading man will be, and I am having a lot of fun writing it.

What’s your inspiration in writing the script?

The stories I write are a reflection of me, and my experience in life. For instance, I am currently producing a movie in Manila, and the storyline is a fictionalize version of a beautiful encounter I’ve experience. It’s a romantic-comedy and I am very excited about telling the whole world about this romance that was once the reality of my life.

Is this the first movie you ever produce? How’s your experience?

Yes, this is the first movie I am producing in Manila. What I learned from this experience is how to be cognizant about everything, especially from someone like me who is thousands of miles away.  But I am indebted to my production crew, mainly my line producer Mike Lloren. He is the one responsible for forming our group. From director to production manager, PR, etc. Without them, there would be no film currently in production at the moment.

What’s the most unforgettable thing you experience as a producer so far?

There’s a lot I can mentioned. But what I relish the most about this experience is how I am able to connect with various people in the industry and the fact that most are willing to offer a caring hand. This to me is big.

After this project, any future plans on making another movie?

I have many projects both here in the Philippines and United States.  I will not talk about them as I went them to come as a surprised. Again, there are so many and they keep coming.  It’s a just a matter of when will this Covid-19 fiasco ends.

On your next project, what genre do you want to do?

The second project I will be producing in Manila is the same as the first one.  It will be a romantic-comedy. However, I have other scripts in the works that are chicklit in nature as well as suspense thrillers.

Have you thought about producing an online series?

That crossed my mind. However, I am super busy right now with my scripting and producing.  But then again… never say never.

Have you dreamed about working with the biggest stars in the industry? Who do you want to work with?

Right now, my focus is finishing my first film, but yes, I have dreamt of that.  Even just meeting the big stars in Manila is an honor.  I grew up in the 80s, so Sharon Cuneta is big to me. I also like Marianne Rivera. I thought she is very beautiful.  I also fell in love with Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsey. I truly enjoyed them in English Only Please, the first Filipino film that I truly appreciated.  There’s also Arnel Pineda whom I saw in Journey concerts in the US but have never met.  It will be cool to have a photo with them.

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