Alexander Robin Hardman: print ad and commercial model

BY: Throy Catan

ADORABLE, smart, and talented. That’s what people said every time they talked about Marinella Moran’s son, Alexander Robin Hardman.

Alexander is 70% German and 25% Filipino born in Singapore. When he was 1 year old, he has a lot of project offers from well-known companies such as Infantree, Vitakids, Gingersnaps, Johnson’s Baby, and more. Most projects range to TV commercials and print ads.

Marinella didn’t expect the offers she received for her son.

“Modesty aside, my son is good-looking, but I did not expect him to get commercial offers this early,” Marinella said.

She’s so grateful about her son’s career, but as a good mom, she always thinks about what’s good for her son like focusing for his education.

“I am so thankful for these offers for my son. I still don’t know if I would allow Alexander to join show business at a young age. I want him to focus on studies soon. But I am not closing his doors on showbiz opportunities.” Marinella explained.

Marinella will return to go shoot on her film this year as an actress and producer. She’s the producer of her latest film, “Bratinella.” On the other hand, Alexander will join her mom back in the Philippines to pursue his career. He also had more lineup projects in the Philippines like commercials and TV appearances.

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