BY: Throy Catan

ALEXANDER ROBIN HARDMAN is a 2 year-old princely son of actress Marinella Moran, a Filipina-German-Singaporean, who now lives and made a name in Singapore as a businesswoman. The gorgeous mother of the “golden boy”, whose father is German, as the surname reads Hardman, a really tough one.

Marinella is set to come home soon for a movie project entitled Bratinella, already on a head start, which she is producing and co–starred with other big stars, and could be a door to his cute son’s pending career in commercial and acting which is very likely about to take place.

The toddler was coined “Golden Boy”, at a very young age, became a YouTube sensation. With the support of his mom, made a twelve videos within five months, and the said You Tube channel has reached 1,100 subscribers. It was indeed an exceptional accomplishment for the good-looking toddler. It happened though more than expected, the little boy is a natural charmer and an adorable tot. He has a value proposition on YouTube. Double down on YouTube content that worked. It identified him in a very short period of time.

Alexander The Great Toys is a vlog and a toy review channel. Most of Alexander Robin’s videos also featured his gorgeous mom, actress-producer Marinella Moran, who shows her full support, encouragement and just being a protective mom to his youngest prince.

The little darling is 70 percent German and 30 percent Filipino born and raised in Singapore. The young boy started to received left and right project offers to do commercials from prestigious companies such as Infantree, Vitakids, Gingersnaps, Johnson and Johnson (baby products) and more at a very tender age. Said project offers span from TV to commercial and print ads.

Yes, it might sound abounding for such a tender age, the reason too why his mom can’t just go along with. Marinella was fretful. It’s normal to feel anxious because she was thinking about his son’s welfare and privacy. Personally, she wants him to have a normal childhood and to focus in his studies. But it seems that it cannot be evaded. And it’s only a matter of time, like waiting in the wings.

Alexander Robin is undeniably, a natural charmer. He has “it.” And it’s hard to resist the natural flow of things. He is heading to that direction without a doubt. So, there’s a great chance for Alexander Robin to pursue his career as a young model and child actor in the Philippine showbiz industry. He is surely getting a free ride with that. Marinella will be killing two birds in one stone. It’s going to be amazing, that’s for sure. Wishing the mother and son lots of luck for their grand entrance to strike gold.

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