Marinella Moran talks about her movie and music career on Wish 107.5

BY: Throy Catan

2021 is a very busy year for Marinella Moran.

Despite her simple family life in Singapore, she decided to comeback to her first love: show business.

On April 15th, she had a great conversation with DJ Faye during her Wish 107.5 Connect interview.

They talked about Marinella’s upcoming film “Bratinella”. She’s also the producer of the said movie.

She admitted that producing movie during pandemic is very hard thing to do. Plus, this is her first film that she ever produced. However, her passion on producing film is very strong, because of her love for cinema.

Aside from her upcoming movie, Marinella released her single “Moments with You” this month.

Marinella appeared in several films, including “Paraiso Ni Efren,” which was directed by Maryo J. Delos Reyes. Movie critics saw her potential in acting and earned her a nomination for best new actress category.

Around mid 2000’s, Marinella went to Singapore where she started her own family and changed her career as a business woman. Her beauty products “MM Beauty Soaps” were very successful there.

For more info about Marinella Moran, visit her Facebook page.

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