BY: Throy Catan

He is known as Mr. A. He considers himself an eccentric person, “I don’t usually go with the flow. I define my own standards, my own style and I live by my own perception of what life is. Others think I’m stubborn but I just want to do things my own way.” This is how Art N. Halili of Star A’s Academy define his life.

But of course, “My life has been a blessing. God proved that He is always there all the time especially during this Covid-29 pandemic, trying hard times.”

Like most people who proved their resiliency the past year, who did not stop trying to make ends meet. The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented health crisis. It has had a drastic impact on every facet of the worldwide economy, including the media and the entertainment industry.

God is great all the time. Hardworking individuals are always rewarded at the end. Success demands five things: hard work, sacrifice, struggle, faith and patience. And Art considered himself to be blissful with friends in the industry. Art N. Halili ,Jr. is KES Creative Director and RM for TV commercial and movies.

Amid the pandemic, Art’s Star A’s Academy Production Inc has several shows like “Let’s Talk About K ,”5-7PM K5 Digital Media Hosted by:Ms. Keanna Duterte Reeves and Mr.Manhunt Philippines 2019 Dom Daumier Corilla.

Other shows by Star A’s Academy are ; “THE MEL & TONI SHOW”, hosted by Mel Martinez and Toni Co, every Tuesday, 7-8PM. “PUSH MO ÝAN”, by Arnell Ignacio and Keanna Reeves, every Saturday at 7-8:30PM and “A LOVELY DAY”, with Ms. Lovely Rivero and Jose Sacramento, every Sunday from 10-11AM.

Star A Academy Productions Inc is sharing blessing to its viewers. It’s giving away the following prizes:

(2)GC of above aesthetic worth 9800php.
(2)500 LYKA gems good as 500 Pesos
(2)500 peso via GCASH
(1)25kilos special rice
(2) packs of groceries package from Hon. Jun Ferrer and Charm Ferrer.

Mechanics are so simple:

1.LIKE AND SHARE THE PAGE OF k5 digital media ,Lets Talk About K and Star A’s Academy Talent Production Inc.
2.Tag Your 10 FB friends in your comment
3.Comment Hashtag #LetsTalkaboutk.

Like with most industries, the pandemic has presented the industry with an unprecedented set of challenges, posing a myriad of questions that producers, directors, and everyone involve have never before had to consider. But as the rule of the game of show business, one way or another, the show must go on. And let us be grateful with people like Art who never stops carrying on with the business, who despite of the situation never gives up, never lose his hope and faith.

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