BY: Throy Catan

The toddler son of Marinella Moran, Alexander Robin Hardman turns 2 today! He woke up with their home decorated with balloons, from the wall to the stairs. As Alexander was going down , he was captivated with the cluster of balloons from the walls to the the handrail of the stairs. The different balloon clusters were so colorful, it was such a festive decoration. Dreamlike effect.

Well, the mom obviously was more excited than the birthday boy who innocently enjoyed the day. He just turns two . He is happy. So child like free.

Alexander Robin Hardman through her mom sponsored a video greetings contest. Marinella generously gave away worth $400 prize for this bday bash contest for the FB fans of his little angel. Emily Ysulan won the special prize for The Video Greetings challenge (Php7,000). And the rest also received cash prizes through GCash; Bhing Castos (Php3,000), Heidi Borromeo , Claudette Caye, Jessa Uno and Dualan Huerto.

Alexander Robin Hardman, happy birthday to you – our cute little star, you are such a charmer and an amazing boy. You make a lot of people happy.

Since this is your day, let me give you these adjectives:

Adorable. Adored. Amazing. Angelic. Captivating. Cherished. Cherubic. Cuddly. Cute-as-can-be. Inspiring. Joyous. Joyful. Kissable. Learning. Lovable. Loved. Lovable. Adorable. Sweet. Precious. Delicate. Cuddly. A star. Doting.

Don’t grow up so fast Alexander Robin. Everybody’s waiting for your star to shine.

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