BY: Rosahlee Bautista

She is a minstrel, no doubt! I am pertaining to one of the hosts of TEENAGE TALK, Irene Solevilla.

She was first heard in “TAWAG NG TANGHALAN,“ one of the segments of “IT’S SHOWTIME.” After that, it was like a faucet switched on. She went an extra mile to prove herself. She got a part in “CRAZY IN LOVE WITH YOU,” “MAMASAPANO,” and she will also be appearing in “BRATINELLA.” A film to be produced by Marinella Moran and scheduled shooting in July. She also appeared in an online comedy show “PAMILYANG LABU-LABO.”

Asked if she had that idea of reshaping her career in the wake of the pandemic. She said, “I entrusted my career to my manager and of course I know God is watching and helping us.” She said with a firmed belief.

Over the past year, we’ve all heard that we should be preparing for the “new normal” — but what that means or when this will start is unclear. During the pandemic, some professionals, entertainers, too had to put their career aspirations on the back burner as they dealt with unexpected health care or other responsibilities, and many others may have felt their hard-fought career progression stall because of unpredictable outside forces, including company and industry disruptions. But fortunately for Irene, she managed to survived the pandemic and projects still keep on coming.

This afternoon, a new TEENAGE TALK show in EURO TV will be launched hosted by Irene with John Arcenas, something to look forward to every Friday afternoon, from 4 to 5.

Irene took acting workshop from the movie and stage director George Vail Kabristante , a UP alumnus and tabloid and broadsheet writer/editor, one of the founders of BALINTATAW FILM & THEATER ARTS, which held acting workshops and productions for theater and films in the direction of Cecile Guidote’s advocacy (founder of PETA).

Tawag ng Tanghalan Miss Balingasa 2019 Irene Solevilla’s career is also managed by Throy Catan of TJC Productions Entertertainment, a mover and shaker in the industry despite the pandemic.

“One thing we all learned this year, after being forced to adapt to specific ways of working, is how we best work. The pandemic has been an experiment like no other: a vehicle to understand what we need to thrive in our jobs, and what mode of working is best suited for our temperament.” Irene’s manager said.

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