BY: Throy Catan

“Life is not always easy to live, but the opportunity to do so is a blessing beyond comprehension.” Art stated, even added; “My life has been a blessing.” The Star A’s Academy Productions Inc head is talking big with a new show coming soon.

This is going to add up in his assembly and mass production. He is excited giving out some details about it. “It’s a noontime variety show and it’s going to air from Monday to Saturday, yes six days a week. It’s a new show that’s going to entertain and will give so much fun and a lot of games to the viewers. It will surely captivate the Filipino public, colloquially known as MASA. We need shows like this to divert our mind from what’s happening lately, from this Covid-19 pandemic. Or else, It’s so depressing . This new show will give us smile and laughter on our faces and of course, it’s going to have a broad range of material. So we, in Star A’s Academy and K5 Digital Media are excited for this newest baby. It’s going to be a daily dose of happy pill to the MASA.” Art excitedly revealed after the show of Ms. Keanna Reeves, Let’s Talk About K, when John Arcenas, Throy Catan’s protégé guested in the said show, wherein Keana flirticiously babbled that she has a crush with John. Furtherly commented about his good looks.

Let us wait for this show in Channel 5 then. To add up to the schedule of program line ups of Star A’s Academy of Art Halili and K5 Digital Media; Let’s Talk About K, from 5-7PM, hosted by Ms. Keanna Duterte Reeves and Mr. Manhunt Philippines 2019 Dom Daumier Corilla ; The Mel and Toni Show, hosted by Mel Martinez and Toni Co, every Tuesday, 7 to 8PM. Push Mo Yan by Arnell Ignacio and Kenna Reeves, every Saturday at 7-8:30PM and A Lovely Day with Miss Lovely Rivero and Jose Sacramento, every Sunday, from 10-11AM.

Star A Academy productions Inc is also sharing blessings to its loyal viewers. And it’s giving away the following prizes ;
(2) GC of Above Aestheric worth Php 9800.
(2) 500 Lyka GEMS good as Php500
(2) Php 500 via GCash
(1) 25kg Special Rice
(2) packs of groceries package from Hon. Jun Ferrer and Charm Ferrer

Mechanics are so simple;

  1. Like and share the PAGE of K5 Digital Media, LET’S TALK ABOUT K and Star A’s Academy Talent Production Inc.
  2. Tag your 10 FB fiends in your comment.
  3. Comment Hashtag #LetsTalkaboutK

More than a year after the Covid outbreak, Art N. Halili proved his multifaceted forte in the industy and with his patience and resiliency. When a lot of productions were shut down and many production people stayed in the dark for months as the pandemic took hold and ravaged the world , Art stood the test of time. And that’s why he considered himself blessed.

“Every day I feel is a blessing from God. As long as we stay positive despite of our situation, nothing is impossible. In the process of living, we will face struggles, many of which will cause us to suffer and to experience pain. And we learned from that. We must learn from our daily experiences. Every day is a blessing. And we see to it that we must a blessing, too. Just be a blessing.” Art said happily.

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